We are a young research group at Hunan university, with interdisciplinary research covering atom-thin materials and their devices in electronics and electrochemistry. In particular, we focus on a device/cell level that will make the measurement or reaction more precise, to address the fundamental problems raised in semiconductor or catalysis fields. For example, we will explore on-chip energy devices acting as a powerful alternative platform to the traditional electrochemical techniques. It can realize single-nanomaterial measurement, and extracts the “physical signature” in the electrocatalytic process (e.g., charge behaviors like injection, transport, and transfer).

Single-atom-layer noble metal catalysts
Direct growth of single-metal-atom chains
Electrochemistry micro-cell
On-chip electrochemical cell with in-situ Raman
Atom-thin semiconductor devices
The growth of TMDCs
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Positions are available for postdocs, research assistant, visiting students/scholars, graduate students and undergraduate students. If interested, please feel free to contact Prof. He (ymhe@hnu.edu.cn) with CV attachment.

The applicants with the background of Semiconductor-Physics, Physical-Chemistry, Materials, or Micro-Nano Fabrication Technologies are preferred.




The practice of reaction window in an electrocatalytic on-chip microcell



Emerging on-chip microcells in electrocatalysis: functions of window and circuit
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